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A Call to Inaction

Nine weeks of being shut at home and we have found a silver lining. A heightened awareness of the natural world right here on our doorstep.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of changing the participant name for yet another school Zoom class brings me close to erupting. Fortunately the natural world …

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Toad Patrolling

Road sign for Henley Toad Patrol

We are officially into spring – hooray! The mornings are brighter, the bird song is getting louder, the wood anemones and celandine are blooming and, if you’ve passed a pond at dusk, the water has been teaming with the amorous activities and song of our native amphibians.

This year at home …

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Family Days Out: Henley River and Rowing Museum

The Wind in the Willows Exhibition, River and Rowing Museum Baby Routes Review,, Henley-on-Thames

Henley River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames is one of our most local museums. It is super family friendly attraction we are lucky to have on our doorstep although until recently I had no idea just how much it has on offer for children.  I have popped in there for coffee and cake many times …

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Wildlife Wednesday: interview with children’s author Carl Mynott

birds at bottom of garden

Roo is an outdoor child. We spend a lot of time exploring the great outdoors together and she is seldom happier than when she’s splashing along the hedgerows in wellies, grubbing about examining plants and bugs or grazing her way around the vegetable garden. She is also a bookworm and …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Wild family days out!


With the summer holidays just around the corner many parents will be starting to look into some extra entertainment after the initial thrill of being on holiday has worn off for their young charges. For outdoor families and nature enthusiasts though there are some fantastic days out to be had across the UK, …

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Wildlife Wednesday: the birdbox spring clean

Bird box in oak tree and ivy

This week I am excited to bring you a guest post from our resident Baby Routes wildlife expert. A nature enthusiast through and through, our guest poster enjoys passing on her passion for all things wild to the next generation. This has included leading wildlife clubs for kids and work as a wildlife …

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Wildlife Wednesday: The garden that became a zoo…


I always enjoy working on Baby Routes. Of course, it’s great to share the walks and days out with you all but I also love working from home and particularly because my desk (the kitchen table) overlooks our back-garden.

When I have remembered to keep the bird table topped up with fat …

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