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Our Favourite Outdoor Winter Kit for School-Age Children

Essential Outdoor Winter Kit for Kids

As I start to write this the frost is glinting on the grass outside as the beginnings of morning light begins to nudge away at the night. It’s looking like another beautiful but cold and wintery day. As I drink my still-hot cup of tea and savour the silence in the rest of the house …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Winter Tree Identification Walk

Winter Tree Identification Activity

There’s an undeniable magic to winter. Whilst outwardly it looks like nature has wrapped itself up, tucked itself away and become bare and barren, in fact there is a huge amount going on beneath the surface. I’m not just talking about the bulbs that seem to be springing up in …

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Wildlife Wednesday: Give Winter Wildlife a Helping Hand


It’s here finally – the cold snap. Even though temperatures look set to rise later this week in the South these frosty mornings, flurries of snow and chilly days are a reminder of what the season still has to come.

Outside nature is in chaos. Summer flowering plants such as roses …

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Fourteen alternative activities for non-skiers on a ski holiday.

Igloo and snow bar

It’s the Easter holidays and half my Facebook feed seems to be full of friends posing on skis at the top of scenic, sunny mountains. You’re probably wondering what the point of this post is. After all, if you’re going on a ski holiday, surely that means you are going with the express …

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Hello from the snow!


This time last week I was feeling rather relieved at having a) made it past the Swiss Airlines’ check-in scales after numerous repacking attempts and b) arrived safely in Zurich after flying solo with aforementioned neo-scalebusting luggage, a 3 year-old and a baby. All without, I hasten to add, losing any bags or children. The …

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Windy Day Crafts: Making a windsock

How to make a windsock, kids windy day activities, Baby Routes

With two huge weather systems moving into the UK this weekend, the Daily Mail is unsurprisingly getting very excited about wind, snow and a meteorological end of the world, metaphorically speaking. Or perhaps not. It is the Daily Mail after all. For us though that means the chance to make the most of the …

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Choosing a winter coat for outdoor kids

Sprayway jacket

Roo has grown. Again. I know it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my 3 year old daughter is shooting up taller every day but it’s the way in which she will seem to extend by centimetres overnight that throws me.

Until now we have been just about …

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