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Corbiere Lighthouse Loop Walk

Walk Distance: 2.2 km

Walk Duration: 45 mins (with view admiring time built in)!

Map: Jersey Official Leisure Map

Suitable for: Older children, babies in carriers (but a couple of short but steep sections and some steps). Return half of walk on old railway line suitable for pushchairs for those looking for a shorter, buggy friendly option.

Walk features: Corbiere Lighthouse, Coastal path and views of both south and west coast, old WWII observation  tower, restaurant/pub (Corbiere Phare restaurant or Le Nid de Corbiere), public toilets (located on main road outside car park).

Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

Walk description:

Corbiere lighthouse, located across a causeway just off the tip of Jersey’s far south-west tip, is one of the most dramatic and iconic coastal features of Jersey and a must for visitors to the island.

At high tide Corbiere Lighthouse rises above the swell of the strong waves and tumultuous seas surrounding making it easy to understand the watery fate that has met so many unfortunate ships over the centuries. At low tide the exposed rock that leads to the lighthouse ‘s lofty outcrop is a strange and impressive sight. Corbiere Lighthouse ‘s western setting also makes it a spectacular spot to watch the sun go down.

For the keen walker, the lighthouse is often the end and highlight of the old railway walk from pretty St. Aubins or even St. Helier. For those looking for a shorter walk to take in the best the SW tip has to offer then the below route is a good alternative. Whilst the walk is best for those with older children and confident walkers with little ones in carriers, pushchair walkers do have the option of starting the Corbiere route in reverse and sticking to the disused railway line which provides flat and even walking back inland. Keep a close eye on young children near the cliffs – there are some precarious parts.

The walk starts from the car-park by the WWII tower at La Corbiere. The entrance to the car-park is just by Le Nid de Corbieres restaurant and apartments on La Rue de La Corbiere and it is worth taking some time at the start or end of the walk to admire the spectacular views down to Corbiere Lighthouse from the cliffs along the car-park edge. Those in need of refreshments can enjoy food and a drink in neighbouring restaurant whilst admiring the sea  views from the comfort of indoors.

Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

Turning your back to the WWII observation tower and lighthouse, follow the cliff-top east across the car-park, joining the coastal path marked just by the La Lande du Ouest Site of Special Interest information board. Follow the trail around the cliff edge and back towards a short narrow section where the trail drops down and up again through the gorse to the next bit of headland. Unless you particularly fancy visiting the bay below and the knee-wrenching steps to climb down there, it is advisable to follow the cliff-top path across the coastal tundra and out toward the headland.

At the cliff edge the path meets a wire fence and drops right down the old quarry railway track steeply towards the sea. Those keen for a closer look at the dramatic sea and views back towards Corbiere Lighthouse from the old quarry building can follow the track down to the rocky outcrop below but be aware the building itself is closed to casual explorers before making the descent.

Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

The coastal path leaves the railway slope about halfway down to the left and climbs back up again towards the cliff-top, passing infrastructure for Jersey’s desalination plant on the left. Those with more time on their hands can now continue further along the coastal path but for those following this short walk, leave the coastal path here and climb the steps leading directly uphill and past a white concrete vehicle block which sits in the track junction with a lane beyond.

Turn right along the lane and walk up to the intersection with the main road on La Rue de Corbiere. Cross over and follow the track opposite inland, turning left to join the old disused railway line path at the corner.

Continue to walk along this wide, tree lined avenue enjoying the peaceful green countryside on either side. As the railway path drops back towards Corbiere lighthouse and the road, the views open up to your right down to the west coast of Jersey.

Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

At the main road, cross over and return to the car-park and the walk starting point by the WWII observation tower.

For those wishing to see the Corbiere lighthouse at closer quarters, at low tide it is possible to continue down the road from the end of the railway path to the right and walk out across the causeway to Corbiere lighthouse island. The tide changes quickly and dramatically in Jersey – please be very careful of tide-times before crossing the causeway and leave enough time for the return walk to the mainland.

Map of Route:



The walk starts from the public car park next to the WWII observation tower on the cliff-top above Corbiere Lighthouse, on the very SW tip of Jersey. the tall round observation tower makes a very easy and distinctive landmark to locate. The car-park is also next to Le Nid de Corbieres restaurant and apartments just off La Rue de Corbieres.

The car-park is located next to a bus stop with buses available during the summer months from St. Helier via St. Aubins and St. Brelades Bay on Route 12. Details can be found here.


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