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Switzerland is a great place to enjoy a walking holiday with babies and young children and is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe. Packed into its 41,290km² are numerous mountains, including 48 summits over 4000 meters, beautiful lakes, rushing rivers and stunning alpine scenery. Switzerland is also home to one of the most efficient European public transport networks, high standards of health and safety and bustling towns and cities. In Switzerland you can practice your French, German and Italian in Switzerland but English is also widely understood. Switzerland is the home of the cuckoo clock, yodeling, the children’s novel Heidi and Swiss chocolate and sausages are never far away on the menu! What more could you ask for a trip abroad with babies and young children?!

Walking in the Swiss AlpsThe opportunities for walking in Switzerland are huge. For thrill seekers there are opportunities to rock climb, glacier walking, ridge walks or a ‘walk’ along a via ferrata (ladders, rungs and wires hooked into mountainside to make climbing accessible to non-climbers). Walking in Switzerland is nothing if not varied. For families there are many options depending on your requirements and abilities. There are plenty of mountain walking challenges but for those with babies and little legs there are also many places you can hitch a lift in a cable car to the top and then enjoy walking out along the mountain top enjoying the views (and often lunch and a coffee) without spending half a day puffing up the hillside to get there!


For babies in pushchairs there are also plenty of river and lakeside walks to enjoy the reflection of the peaks in the glassy water  with plenty of paddling and swimming opportunities thrown in for children and big babies. If you are travelling in winter but still looking to go walking in Switzerland with babies and small children then there are lots of winter walking routes on compacted snow possible or you can get into the spirit of things and tow little one wrapped up warmly on a toboggan. If you need more inspiration on accessible walks in Switzerland then try out the Swiss Hiking Federation’s 66 obstacle free walks page.

Finally, if you are travelling to Switzerland with a wider party who are looking for non-child related activities then Switzerland does not disappoint, offering all within close proximity of areas and activities for those entertaining the babies and younger children of the group. Paragliding, skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing – take your pick.

Below this post are a small selection of tried and tested walks for those travelling to Switzerland and walking with babies and young children. These will be expanded as time goes on. A list of links to useful tourist information and other sources of inspiration have also been provided to help with planning your holiday with babies and children.

Useful Links

  • Swiss Hiking Federation – everything you need to know about hiking (and other outdoor trail sports) in Switzerland. Includes national routes, guides and map details, links to weather and other resources such as walkers’ huts and more.
  • Swisstopo – the Federal Office of Topography in Switzerland’s web shop. Useful not just for buying maps online but also for their search feature which allows you to track down the map you need for a particular place.
  • Swiss Tourist Board – first stop when planning a trip to Switzerland and packed full of suggested activities, accommodation and everything else you need to know before you go.
  • Swiss Travel System  – an essential website to book your travel pass on if you are planning on using public transport     extensively whilst in Switzerland. A pass can cover your whole family and travel on buses, trains and boats offering ultimate flexibility.
  • SBB Swiss Railway – timetables, ticket info and more for those travelling by train in Switzerland.
  • Swiss Postbus  – timetables and travel information for travel by the extensive postbus network in Switzerland.
  • Meteo Swiss – check the latest weather forecast at your Swiss destination and keep an eye on seasonal updates.




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Studen, Switzerland Family Walks, Baby Routes

Super-Scenic Studen Cross-Country Walk


Walk Distance: 4.2 km (There-&-back-again route), 4.4 km ( circular route)

Walk Duration: 1hr 20  (in snow & with sledges and time for snow-play)

Maps: Swiss topographic maps available in 1: 25 000 & 1:50 000 – see .

Suitable for: Off-road pushchairs, sledge walking, chlldren in carriers, good little walkers and all …

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