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Walks & Hikes in Australia

Australia Walks  and Hikes, Kangaroo IslandWhen it comes to vast open spaces, Australia is pretty impressive. It’s a nation well known for its outdoors lifestyle with unlimited opportunities for outdoors enthusiasts and hikers of every age. From the dusty desert landscapes of the outback, lush, dense rainforest, endless picture-perfect beaches to nature reserves, city parks and iconic urban strolls there is a place, setting and climate to explore no matter what level of challenge you enjoy. 

Walking in Australia comes with the added bonus of wonderful wildlife, dramatic scenery and plenty of culture and history. Whilst there Australia has its fair share of challenging and fairly inhospitable terrain there are also plenty of options for outdoor families at all levels and for all ages. 

The following website will hopefully be helpful in planning your next hiking adventure in Australia as well as the tried and tested Baby Routes listed in the section below. 

It’s worth noting that I’ve only included points of reference here for the whole of Australia. Each Australian state has its own information, varying in detail, walk descriptions and maps, so do check out the area you’re planning to visit for more specific information.

If you’re reading this and have a great national resource you think that should be added to the list then do get in touch.

  • Visit the Australia Tourism website for some great inspiration on walking itineraries and areas across Australia. They also have handy resources on practicalities, seasons & safety tips for visiting rural Australia. 
  • Parks Australia is a great resource for finding out more about the country’s seven Commonwealth National Parks and discovering walking opportunities within them. 
  • Avenza Maps is a handy app for finding terrain maps for Australia. Some of the Australian states even provide free to download walking maps for their nature reserves and parks on there. 

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