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Treffgarne Rocks Circular Walk, Pembrokeshire, Baby Routes

Treffgarne Rocks Circular Walk, Pembrokeshire, Baby Routes

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    • ,jo on May 19, 2021 at 19:26
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    Hi. Sorry to bother you. We are coming to Treffgarne in June for a holiday and would like to walk to the to rocks. Do you have a baby walk? I tired to look on the web site but am not very good with technology. Also do you know if there are any walks suitable for an evening stroll we are staying at themOld Milking Parlour just off the main road. Many thanks. I appreciate your web sit because I have a bad knee so baby walks are ideal for me.

    1. Hi! I checked where you’re staying and you could actually link up to this walk along the lane right outside your property, away from the direction of the church. When the track hits the footpath, follow it up to the left and it should take you up to the rocks. You could link into the rest of the circular route if you wanted a longer stroll, or just return the same way. I must note that I haven’t tested that route but it’s actually shorter than the route I list on the website. Sealyham Woods, in nearby Wolf’s Castle, is a very pleasant place for a short stroll if you have no particular destination in mind.

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