Great Wildlife Websites for Kids

Are you looking for ways to foster a love of wildlife in your children or simply bored of the same old outdoor activities? Inspired by the release of the ‘State of Nature’ report recently and the need to get the next generation engaged and enthused about the natural world, I’ve been trawling the internet for great wildlife websites for children. Get inspired with these great online wildlife resources – you may also want to check out the Baby Routes Ten Really Wild Blogs recommends for even more ideas.

If you are an organisation in the UK with a child friendly website or page then do leave a comment or get in touch so I can add you to the list. 

  • RSPB Youth website – this is packed full of activities, facts and ideas not just around getting to know birds but all wildlife. A brilliant resource for parents and a great introduction to wildlife for kids of all ages.
  • Nature Detectives – run by the Woodland Trust, the Nature Detectives website has loads of free downloads with everything from spotter kits to ideas for outdoor play. Find events, be inspired for seasonal activities and if you still want more, join the Nature Detectives Club.
  • Wildlife Watch – Wildlife Watch is the junior part of the Wildlife Trust and is the UK’s main environmental club for children. The website is full of facts, ideas and ways to get out spotting wildlife as well as engaging children by running awards and spotter league tables! Get your children involved with a local group through the club finder.
  • Buglife – Buglife helps conserve all that wiggles and wriggles in the form of invertebrates. Bugs of all kinds are really struggling now and need extra help. Children have always found insects fascinating so nurture their enthusiasm  by making a bee hotel, identifying the creepy crawlies in your garden or any of the other great suggestions on the education section of this website.
  • Mycokids – If your little ones are mad about mushrooms and fascinated by fungi then head to the British Mycological Society webpage for children which gives an insight into different types of fungi and fun facts about their habitats and growing habits. Also includes resources for teachers (and creative parents) for indoor and outdoor educational activities.
  • Kids Gone Wild – run by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, this is a fun website with some lovely ideas for outdoor activities as well as interactive games (‘whose poo’ quiz anyone?!). Also has links to family events.
  • Bumble Kids – a page for children on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website featuring information about these engaging little creatures.
  • Marine Life Information Network – the activity zone for kids on their website is perfect for budding marine biologists. There is plenty of online information and interactive fun as well as details of events the family can get involved in.
  • Bat Conservation Trust – if your kids are batty about bats or you have flying friends in residence and want to learn more about them, there is a kids page on the Bat Conservation Trust with some information on these fascinating creatures.
  • Wildlife Gardener – a great site for parents with plenty of ideas children will love for engaging with wildlife quite literally on the backdoor step. Brilliant for those parents looking for ways to inspire children outdoors whilst allowing the grown up gardening enthusiasts a bit of welly time!
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