Wildlife Wednesday: last chance to see those starlings!

It’s quiet out in the garden today. The woodpecker hasn’t turned up yet and the comedy pheasants Phileas and Fogg have defected to the next-door neighbour’s garden. I’m sure they are throwing down grain on purpose…definite foul play!As I type, a Red Kite has just soared over the garden but it’s the first one I’ve seen all day. The only real activity this morning is the usual blue-tit bonanza – they’ve been stuffing themselves on the fat balls on the bird table and are currently hustling each other on the lower branches of the oak tree whilst preparing for another raid!

Instead then, I will keep this brief and remind you that we are now into the last week or two of being able to see the starlings – they could be off any time now. If you are not entirely sure why you would want to see starlings or want to know where to see them, check out the photos in my post “A murmuration of starlings” – it really is a spectacle worth seeing. Here’s a quick photographic reminder:

Cloud of starlings at sunset, Shapwick Heath, Somerset Levels

A cloud of starlings in the gloaming.


For those near Shapwick, the starlings are currently using RSPB Ham Wall reserve but don’t forget to call the starling hotline before you head off for the latest info on where you’re most likely to get a sighting – phone-number on the post linked above.

How’s the wildlife near you this Wednesday? Seen anything interesting? Go on – please liven up my afternoon and leave a comment here or post a pic on the Baby Routes facebook page.

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