Windy Day Crafts: Making a windsock

How to make a windsock, kids windy day activities, Baby Routes

With two huge weather systems moving into the UK this weekend, the Daily Mail is unsurprisingly getting very excited about wind, snow and a meteorological end of the world, metaphorically speaking. Or perhaps not. It is the Daily Mail after all. For us though that means the chance to make the most of the windy conditions with some specific weather related activities.

There’s a few things on the outdoor craft to-do list for the weekend but we decided making a windsock was going to be first. We set to work on this super easy windsock so Roo could see just how windy it was getting and how this changes over the weekend. She was fascinated by windsocks on the beach over the summer and enjoyed telling us which way the wind was coming by watching them blowing in the air. I had a feeling it would be something she would enjoy revisiting at home, whilst also satisfying my inner-geographer!

How to make a windsock, kids windy day activities, Baby Routes

The crafty bit…

To start off with, a bit of indoor time was required. Roo set to work covering an old loo roll holder with sugar paper and decorating it with sparkles and other bits from the craft box. Meanwhile I raided my sewing scraps bag and retrieved some old lining fabric which I cut into long, thin strips. Ribbons, wool or any other light weight material cut into thin strips would work just as well.

Roo then glued the end of each ribbon piece onto the inside of one end of the loo roll holder. I fished out an old needle and some cotton and poked holes in three places round the opposite end of the loo roll holder to the ribbons. I threaded the cotton through each hole and leaving a few inches of length, tied and cut it off. Finally I got a new piece of cotton and tied it through the cotton loops on the loo roll holder. Roo’s windsock was now complete!

How to make a windsock, kids windy day activities, Baby Routes

Shoes on and out in the blustery garden we hunted for something suitably tall to tie the windsock onto. Roo found an old garden cane, lying abandoned waiting for Spring to come again and it made the perfect mast to hoist the windsock up. Roo had a great time running about trying to find the windiest spot of the garden and watching the wind catch at the ribbons of the windsock, sending it spinning on the end of its thread whenever a particularly large gust blew in. It was a bit too gusty and unpredictable to reinforce the ideas about wind direction we had visited on those beaches over the summer. Every time Roo turned to point in the direction the wind was coming from she would turn around to check the windsock to find it blowing in a completely different direction!

When she had had enough, I helped Roo anchor down the cane and windsock into the ground so we could watch it from inside. Turned out we weren’t the only ones mesmerised by the windsock’s flying ribbons…

How to make a windsock, kids windy day activities, Baby Routes

Back in the warm the wind really picked up as darkness fell and Roo watched through the glass as it dived about at the end of its string with increasing vigour. I only hope it survives the night – the wind is blowing a hooly out there now. If not, she will no doubt enjoy hunting for it in the garden or making a replacement before we get cracking on the next windy day activity!


Joining in (after far too long) with all the other lovely outdoor parent bloggers over on the wonderful Country Kids linky!

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  1. Windsocks turns a windy day into an interesting outdoor day – at least that was our experience last year when they made some at school and brought them home! Great idea for the blowy Brit weather this week.

    1. It’s certainly been giving Roo lots of entertainment watching to see how windy it is!

  2. What a great activity, I’m definitely going to try this with my little girl… Love your daughters expression as she watches her windsock 🙂 #countrykids

    1. Yes – she kind of missed the point to begin with and spent a lot of time ‘being the wind’… followed by running away every time the wind blew the windsock. Definitely value for money (or time in this case) given how easy it was to make!

  3. What a lovely idea! I’m always on the lookout for crafty inspiration for my toddler, and with this activity getting us outdoors too I might just have to give it a go… X

    1. Glad you like it. I’m sure it could be done a lot more artistically!!

  4. Wind is pretty strong in here too. I am thinking this is going to be awesome! I am planning on creating this with my son today =) #countrykids

    1. Hope it goes well for you! It’s pretty stormy isn’t it?

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